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Imagine manifesting positive changes through meaningful, spirit-led actions that generate harmony and balance... right where you live or around the world!

You are becoming empowered as a creator who feels the call deep in your bones and in your beautiful heart.

Imagine making a tangible difference in the world for those you love and for all the other forms of life that make Earth so very beautiful and unique. Through all our searching the Cosmos, we have never discovered anything that comes close to her magnificence.

You aspire to live a more passionate and authentic life that contributes to healing you and our beloved planet.

You sense that you’ve only touched the surface of what the spirits and you are capable of doing…together.

You are or destined to be a part of the solution…
healing, nurturing and catalyzing the change we need to see in our world.

You likely resonate with one of these 3 scenarios:

  • Desiring to make significant things happen yet feeling too small, insignificant or even paralyzed by the scope of the issues facing us.
  • Have exciting ideas filling you with energy just waiting to burst out, but are wavering in your confidence…not sure where or how to start.
  • Already participating in positive activities or projects and could use more support to get to the next level or experience personal renewal to get back on track.

If you’re feeling too “small” to make significant things happen, the sheer scale of the problems we face may have you “shutting down,” feeling depressed or worried that your children,  grandchildren or others you love are inheriting a nightmarish future.

If you have ideas or are already doing exciting things and feeling ready to take them to the next level, you might lack the clarity, energy or courage to have them manifest.

Or maybe, you need the support of a community of like-minded souls to boost your confidence and renew your passion for creating positive change.

It's time to finally live with deep trust, relying on your powerful partnerships with spirit to be the person your soul came to be!

Being supported and mentored by experienced shamanic elder-teachers is the very piece that that's been missing!

Do you feel the call? 

NOW is the time to grow and expand your practice in a dynamic way so you can give back to nature and humanity through a spirit led Earth-Keeper project that serves the community around you and/or the world.

Imagine your heart singing and the joy you’d feel in helping birth a healthier environment for you and those you love through a local community project, a heart centered business, or by giving your greatest gifts with a career transition into your right livelihood.

Truth is, you and I were born for these crucial times.

You see, for as long as time remembers, shamans have worked to negotiate life-giving harmony in the world. We have always taken practical actions to make our surroundings safer for all beings.

Harnessing your ability as a creator is critical to both our collective and your own personal evolution.

It’s also what will support you to be connected, more whole and more joyful as you move through your life day to day.

Shamanic work is about facilitating healing and transformation in and around us!

Your soul embodied at this time to participate in a Great Shift for humankind.

This experiential, 12-month mentorship program is designed to support you in preserving the health and wellbeing of our collective soul.

As you harness your intrinsic powers as a fearless and radiant change-maker – allied with your transcendent spirits - you will affect positive changes in your local environment or even around the world.

You will also:

  • Discover the keys to deepen trust and stay emotionally balanced
  • Upgrade your shamanic practice with a more effective ways to work with spirit
  • Learn how to work with elemental forces - safely and with confidence
  • Practice protection and sustaining methods as you invest in reversing our culture’s deadly trajectory.
  • Safely practice in Middle World
  • Heal land and features on the landscape
  • Use practices to actually transform a polluted substance into its healthier state
  • Negotiate with storms for the good of ALL beings - without fear
  • …and so much more.
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In this mentorship program you will receive teachings and support from Evelyn & Allie… AND it will bring you into a community of compassionate souls who share your deep desire for making this world safer, and more sustaining and for all the generations to come.

By the end of this mentorship program you’ll experience:

  • Being stronger in yourself while you make a positive difference.
  • How your shamanic skills can serve LIFE for all of your days.
  • Your unique human capabilities that makes you the perfect partner with spirit
  • A deeper sense of courage in being your fullness…sharing your unique gifts
  • Confidence in yourself as powerful leader
  • How your personal “radiance’ is tied to Nature’s renewal
  • A sense support from spirit in your day-to-day life as a Shamanic Earth-Keeper

Our Personal Story & Invitation

We have been teaching introductory and advanced shamanic programs for well over 30 years…with a special love for inspiring those who could become local community change leaders for the renewal of Nature and our world. Our personal experiences and transformations with shamanic spirituality inspired us to become teachers and mentors.

We knew that the changes we witnessed in ourselves and our shamanic peers included an evolution of capacity for empathy and compassion…as well as an opening of abilities to envision a better future, much more aligned with nature and a passion to support it to happen.

After ten years of teaching shamanic skill training programs, we had a large group of students that wanted to “go further.” Having experienced the power of working with the spirits, these students were particularly keen to advance their shamanic work for making a difference in the “real world.” That was when we created our first graduate training program.

Back then, most of our programs were in-person at retreat centers. During that time, we witnessed our students, and their shamanic practices transform in ways that were astonishing, powerful and joyful!

The only problem was that far too few could afford those additional costs of room, board and travel…that nearly doubled the tuition! This greatly limited the individuals who could participate and benefit from the program.

During the COVID pandemic, we moved our mentorship online and were guided to teach in more traditional ways that evolved our offering. We found our teaching becoming more in line with the ways indigenous shamans were trained. That is, by focusing on the relationships with spirits…FIRST, rather than methods first.

In this way…new, more powerfully synergistic and equal partnerships with the Spirits blossomed for our mentees. Our mentees united their senses with spirits’ cosmic-wide perspective to create actions that were not only more effective, but more easily avoided the subconscious ego getting in the way of the work!

They began to lean more fully into their spiritual partnership as interfaces with the tangible world…in essence, they became more dynamic and effective “walkers between the worlds,” not only in journeys but in all aspects of the shaman/spirit relationship for making a difference in our physical reality.

This is why we are so very excited to be offering the Shamanic Earth-Keepers mentorship program to the global community. As never before we need to have a strong, empowered web of people…who are trained well and ready to work more deeply with the elementals, the spirits of the land and the landscape features in their communities. Ones like you ...who have the heart, passion and deep desire to regenerate this world and her myriad species.

Imagine what magnificent things we all can accomplish together!

With blessings and love,
Evelyn & Allie

The Spirit Passages Academy Shamanic Earth-Keepers Mentorship Program is limited to only 22 participants.


Mentee Projects

Developer Improves Project For Community Health

Beverly was working as a contract administrator for a large golf community development near her home on the coast of Georgia. Recognizing that her health and the health of the community would be impacted by this development, she was able to do the research and crunch the numbers to convince the developer to create a healthier project. Instead of cutting down trees, they were moved and healthier solutions for green maintenance were outlined.

“After that experience, so many things opened up in my life.  There have been so many wonderful opportunities that I have been able to take a part in – helping the planet and my fellow humans. This exercise changed my perception – changed my focus – from myself to the world (both physical and spiritual). Keep yourself open to the possibilities!”

Beverly Trainor

Kids Learn Outside for Evolved Personal / Social Skills

Michael was the steward of a private school athletic complex that encompassed 33 acres of woodland bordering a river that was part of a tidal estuary. As a capstone project for his studies with Spirit Passages mentorship program and in concert with faculty members at the school, he created a series of trails and outdoor classrooms and supported the implementation of a curriculum for second and third graders on the Wabanaki of Maine and the Maritimes. This was later expanded to include participation by all grades through high school.

“With its focus on expanding consciousness, the program inspired me to articulate my dreams for the land and bring them to life. Today, many years after graduating from the Spirit Passages mentorship program, I continue to create outdoor trails and learning spaces for people to experience and deepen their understanding of the natural world.”

Michael Gelsanliter

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Month 1

Embark on the Path: Embodying Shamanic Earth-Keeping To Benefit All Beings

In the first Experiential Learning Call, we’ll be creating an altar in non-ordinary reality as a point of connection beyond the limits of space-time. We’ll be exploring what it means to be a shaman in a time of profound crisis, and how the unique skills we have developed help us to bridge the worlds for the benefit of all beings.

You’ll discover:

  • How we can benefit nature energetically as well as physically
  • Journey: What can I do in my local or global community to awaken and nurture human awareness
  • Why shamans are needed to speak with and for the natural world
  • How we can extend the perception of sacredness into everyday life
  • Why local projects matter

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 2

Effect Real World Change: Creating Deep Partnership with Spirit

In the 2nd Experiential Learning Call we’ll look at the foundation of this program as working as the “nervous system” of an equal partnership with spirit. In this role, more powerful and extraordinary work can be accomplished. To effect changes in the physical world, spirit needs us as embodied partners. This session will be exploring how that can be accomplished and built upon for as long as you live.

You’ll experience:

  • What role our physicality has in supporting spirits’ work in the world
  • Why engaging in reverent participatory relationships is a joyful, ongoing opportunity for personal growth and expansion
  • Guided Exercise: Dismemberment of unhealthy relationship patterns
  • How the expanded perspective of our spiritual partners can support personal transformation
  • Journey to experience the ways our spiritual partnerships can change us and the world around us.

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 3

Change Starts With You: Conceiving Your Inspired Earth-Keeper Project

3rd Experiential Learning Call: Shamans have always been activists, supporting all the aspects of the world around them to be in harmony and balance. When you work in deep partnership with spirit, you can become an even more effective agent of positive transformation than your mind could conceive!  This month we support the conceiving of your Earth-Keeper Project whether you're call to focus on any of these areas:  local or global non-profit,  heart centered business or a career transition to right livlihood.

You’ll discover:

  • What your spirits suggest for your Earth-Keeper Project
  • How this project can be part of supporting positive change
  • Tips for presenting a draft of your Earth-Keeper Project vision to Evelyn and Allile at an upcoming Q&A meeting or via email text or video between Month 4 to 6.
  • Guided exercise: What you can experience in connecting your shamanic practice to physical reality
  • How your actions whether with local or global intent affect the whole
  • Journey to eliminate fear of “stepping out” or “being visible?”

+A Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 4

The Water of Life: Connecting With Flow for Harmony and Balance

In this Experiential Learning Call we'll be engaging in a powerful way to engage not only with the spirit of water, but as a sacred framework for interacting with all beings – both seen and unseen – that produces harmony and balance. Cultivating our presence as a healing force.

You’ll experience:

  • The sacred way of being in connection with another being
  • Simple daily ways to step more deeply into a conscious relationship with the water elemental
  • Guided Ceremony: to meet the water inside your body
  • Creating a ceremony to bless a body of water (river, marsh, lake, pond, ocean)
  • Journey for a first-person experience of the water cycle

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 5

Heal the Waters of Life: Renewing Vibrancy and Flow

Experiential Learning Call 5: As beings who are “mostly water,” we not only have a need for clean, potable water, but we have the responsibility to protect and nurture the waters of the world. Only 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater and of that only 0.5% of fresh water is available for use. In this session, we will be performing a ceremony for healing ourselves and the Earth’s water.

You will discover:

  • The Infinite Field of Radiant Vibration that underlies all physical matter
  • Journey: Meeting the spirit of your drinking water source
  • How to enter a relationship with the source of your drinking water
  • A ceremony for unburdening
  • Guided Ceremony to provide healing to the earth’s waters 

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 6

Earth’s Sacred Breath: Celebrating a Relationship With the Air

In this month’s call we see air is an element that is often invisible to us. Yet a sudden lack of it to breathe or too much wind can be catastrophic to our life. Like fish, the medium in which we are constantly “swimming” is only perceivable when it moves with a breeze, carries a scent or sound, is heavy with pollen or laden with moisture. Learning how to be in a relationship with it can be another doorway to deep connection.

You will learn:

  • The voice as a powerful shamanic tool
  • The power of breath as a tool for receiving and giving blessings
  • Developing an empowered voice
  • Guided exercise: Freeing your voice from shame and fear
  • Journey to the First Breath

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 7

Storms’ Dynamic Dance: Advocating For Life with Humility and Grace

In this month’s call we discover the most potent action we experience from the air elemental is the weather. As climate change escalates, more severe storms are becoming the norm as is the balance of beneficial rain. Learning how to be with a storm and negotiate for life on the ground is a delicate and humbling experience that has the potential to transform your way of perceiving interconnections with the rest of the ecosystem.

You will discover:

  • How to negotiate on behalf Life around you
  • What you must always remember when working with a storm
  • Guided experience: Meeting a wind master to learn how to reverently work with moving air as a support for your Earth-Keeper Project.
  • Discovering the “Green World’s” perspective on storms
  • Journey to get an offering song to sing to storms.

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 8

Light the Darkness: Embracing Fire as a Collaborator in Change

On this live call, you will learn how to work with fire as a partner in your shamanic practice. Learning how to honor fire, how to dedicate a fire for a purpose, and work with it as a collaborator. Fire consumes and so may be worked with in ceremony in a myriad of ways.

You will discover:

  • How to work with fire as a collaborator in ceremony
  • The way to use fire as a portal for journeying
  • What Fire’s most powerful teaching is for you
  • Journey: How to work with the fire elemental when it is out of balance.
  • Guided experience: To the Sun’s fire that sustains all life on Earth

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 9

Raise Your Own Flame: Sparking The Fire for Better Health and Vitality

On this live call we explore fire being the only element that is a relationship in itself. Fuel, heat and oxygen are all necessary for fire to burn brightly. As social primates, humans are also sustained by the interconnections of our human family. As a teacher, Fire can support us to better understand what sustains you and help you to manifest your fullness.

You will learn:

  • When it is most useful for you to work with fire in ceremony
  • What does fire understand about my inner fire?
  • Journey: How to balance your own “inner fire”
  • What fire understands about creation
  • Guided experience: How to deal with “emotional firestorms” and conflict

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 10

The Flesh of the Earth: Cultivating A Foundation For All Life To Thrive

Recognize the element of earth is the foundation of life on this call. The soil with its minerals, decayed plant matter, and the many animal, microbial, algal and fungal species who inhabit it; is critical to the fertility of our planet. Soil health also assists in carbon sequestering, filters groundwater and as it breathes, can support cleaner air. It can be a powerful teacher about your ability as a sustainer, too.

You will discover:

  • Journey to meet the soil around your home to ask what it needs from you
  • Guided experience: to experience the diversity of life forms in healthy soil
  • How soil organisms work together with plants and trees
  • Journey to Earth elemental: How to support healthy soil around your home
  • What is the soil’s most important lesson is for you

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 11

The Elements Dance: Partnering For Weaving Harmony With Our Environment

In this live call, we will be connecting the threads we have been working with during our time together by exploring the interconnected dance of all the elements. Just as our human community functions better when we work together, you’ll explore the role you have in supporting balance in the natural world.

You will experience:

  • What is your role in bringing harmony to the environment?
  • Journey: How do all the elements continually work together to sustain your world?
  • Guided experience: To heal any remaining separation inside
  • What do I need to shift to experience more harmony with my environment
  • Becoming a partner/ spiritual guardian of a natural spot/resource

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Month 12

Celebrate Your Project: Sustaining Ongoing Change In Your Local or Global Community

During this live call and this month’s  Interactive Group Mentoring Meeting, you will have opportunities to share your projects’ development, to support each other and share in our community’s continuing progress!

You will discover:

  • How your descendants benefit from your actions
  • Journey: To witness how our projects are contributing to renewal
  • Guided experience: To the consciousness of Mother Earth to honor her and dedicate yourself to her renewal
  • Why the work is always ongoing
  • Journey: To primary teacher: How we can deepen our work together as Shamanic Earth Keepers.

+Monthly Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Support Zoom Meeting

Secure Your Spot Here!

A Key feature of the Mentorship is an Earth-Keeper Project

Whether working and serving on a local or global level, online or in person, your efforts will ripple widely! We’re all in the same boat. As you step deeper into those you're call to serve, your community, you can support the healing of separation and use ceremony to support unity and positive changes.

As part of this program you'll vision an Earth-Keeper Project and begin to bring it's manifiestation into existence.  Your project can be focused on any of the following:

  • A local or global community non profit effort
  • Heart-centered business 
  • Right Livlihood (career transition or development that makes your heart soar)

You do not have to perform or complete all of the aspects of your project before the mentorship ends. However, you (with your spiritual guidance), must engage in the vision, planning and development of your project as well as taking a leadership role in bringing it to fruition.

Through the skills you learn in the mentorship and through your project, you will become a leader in how to envision and navigate around or dissolve inner or real world blocks to co-creating your Earth-Keeper project with spirit. 

This experience can position you as an expert who is a valuable resource from whom others will seek guidance and counsel for their own restorative efforts and project investments. 

More Mentee Projects

Creation of 29-Acre Preserve Facilitated

Solange is deeply connected with the birch trees. She created a project that was based on both caring for the Earth and supporting human connection with the Earth. The project began with Solange facilitating conversations with her neighbors about the birch-filled woods abutting their properties that was becoming a scruffy place prone to mischief-making. Her conversations led to fundraising and gathering key partners to help bring her vision to fruition. This project became the Pleasant Hill Woods, a 29-acre preserve, intentionally designed to connect with a region-wide, protected  trail system.

“This project was an opportunity for my local community and I to express how we are all interconnected!”

Solange Lebourgne

Ecosystems & Culture Knowledge Brought To Children

My project was developed around a realistic look at my free time for assisting children in having more exposure to and knowledge about the ecosystems in nature with inclusions of diversity among individuals and cultures with their stories of the ecosystem. I collaborated with the local children’s librarian. We initially discussed what they thought would have the most impact with the funds I was earmarking for this project. They offered to curate a list of children’s books for ages 6-11 as this age group was an active group in reading and taking books out of the library.  Prior to ordering the books she reviewed the list of books with me.  

I provided the library the funds to purchase 180+ books for this age group.

“This project has motivated me to continue reaching out to elementary school librarians to continue providing support for younger children in reading and learning about nature.”

Karen Repasky

It’s more than just a mentorship...
It’s a Community!

To support you to continue internalizing the teachings you receive, and encourage your projects, you’ll have a community to support you!

You’ll join fellow mentees and practitioners to support and inspire each other as you integrate the teachings and your experiences in this mentorship. 

In a private social network that is exclusive to this program, you’ll be able to converse with people around the world who are facilitating changes in their areas along with you!

Our Shamanic Earth-Keeper Mentorship Program is...

For You If

  • You have a strong shamanic journey practice and have dependable relationships with a power animal and spirit teacher.
    (Whether learned through our courses, membership or from other shamanic teachers)

  • You demonstrate qualities of a leader such as dedication, commitment and focus on the things that are important to you.
  • You have a deep and burning desire to become or step into the next best version of your leadership self to serve nature, your community or the world at large.
  • You are willing and healthy enough to commit at least 5 hours throughout each month to doing the curriculum and activities in the mentorship program. 
  • You are willing to invest additional time at some point throughout the 12 month program into your community, heart centered business or right-livelihood Earth Keeper Project.
  • You are willing to post at least once a calendar month in our Social Sharing Space with an update of where you’re at on your Earth-Keeper Project with our Earth-Keeper Project to Reality Monthly Tracking and Check In Tool.

Not For You If

  • You don’t yet have dependable relationships with a power animal and spirit teacher.  (You might develop those relationships before mentorship starts at the end of February.  Ask us about support we might offer.)

  • You aren’t taking personal responsibility for co-creating your life experience.
  • You are not ready to invest energy and time in 2024 into this program / Earth-Keeper project.  

  • You’re looking for us to teach the practicalities of how to run a business or project manage.  

*SPECIAL NOTE: While we ask mentees to report to us project progress monthly with our Earth-Keeper Project to Reality Monthly Tracking and Check In Tool, mentees are responsible to seek out any additional education to advance their skills specific to their project on their own if needed.

This program is more focused on your connection to spirit and inspiring leadership based action versus teaching specialized project managment, career transition or business skills.


Do an honest self assessment on all the above and if you’re still not clear or have questions about the program, see the opportunity further below to book a free assessment call with Evelyn under the heading “NEED HELP WITH YOUR DECISION?” heading found after the Register Now area further below the tuition rates.

Secure Your Spot as 1 of Up To 22 Mentees

Here’s What You Receive
to Support Bring Your Your Earth-Keeper Project to Reality

Private Coaching & Support!
($1,500 Value)

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored by us privately from the comfort of your own home.  Whether personal issues, challenges with journeying or your Earth-Keeper Community or Business project, we support you with 1 to 1 coaching and guidance via 6 up to 60 minute phone calls with us through the 12 month duration of the program! 

12 monthly, LIVE, Earth-Based Curriculum Experiential Learning Sessions 

($600 Value)

Each 90 minute Experiential Learning Session with Evelyn and Allie guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to awaken your spiritual potential and are based on the 12 monthly Earth based curriculum themes outlined further above.

12 LIVE Interactive Group Mentoring Q & A Zoom Meetings

($600 Value)

These 90 min sessions offer opportunities to work with Allie and Evelyn directly as well as the mentee community.  You can ask questions and get additional support for your practice and projects as you celebrate each others victories and roote each other on.

Deepening Practices for Each Experiential Learning Session

Between our LIVE learning sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools and performing simple ceremonies to accelerate your learning and integration of each learning session.

Private Online Social Share and Community Discussion Group

More Interaction in our Mentorship Participants Only group. You’ll be part of a supportive community on the leading edge of a global movement of people manifesting their fullness and participating in transformational change.

Private Custom-Designed Interactive Mentorship Website

Access to the interactive mentorship website during the mentorship plus all sessions and materials will be yours forever so that you can experience the teachings again and again!


  • Earth-Keeper Project to Reality Monthly Tracking and Check In Tool
  • A monthly courtesy reminder to submit your Earth-Keeper Project monthly check in
  • Opportunities to work together online
  • Downloadable PDF documents to support your shamanic practices and your projects
  • Audio AND Video recordings of all sessions
  • Access to all the materials and recordings for life
  • Special Bonuses to enhance your program experience (see "Program Bonuses" futher below
  • And more…

Program Bonuses
(Instant Access)

Instant Access Bonuses


Discover the joyful path to being a confident and effective instrument of healing, balance and planetary renewal with the time-tested secrets of the Shaman.

Includes immediate access to the course recordings.

  • Understand the "built-in" power you have to transform the world.
  • Release old perceptions of your “smallness”
  • Remember your soul’s true radiance
  • Shape-shift your ideas of what is possible
  • Become more genuinely self-assured and secure as you open your inherent powers
  • Experience an increase in your natural confidence
  • Learn how to generate healing – physically and psycho-emotionally – anywhere at anytime
($200 Value)


Revitalize and “fire up” your spirit to embody a more dynamic, emboldened YOU who takes new action in your world!

Includes immediate access to course recordings and a credit for Free Admission to a future LIVE version of the course.

  • Discover sources of consistent, loving support
  • Boost your natural confidence and strengthen your inner core
  • Become more genuinely self-assured and secure
  • Heighten your natural intuition
  • ...and so much more!
($200 Value)


Connect more deeply to nature and the web of life!

Access worlds beyond the realms of your senses of sight, hearing, taste and touch where real wisdom, healing, support and connection are possible.

Includes immeidate access to the course recordings.

  • Enhance your creativity and imagination
  • Enhance your problem-solving and trouble-shooting abilities
  • Support a reduction of stress
  • Heighten your intuition
  • Support easier implementation of personal change
  • Enhance study / learning abilities, and memory retention
  • And so much more!
($150 Value)


Immediate Access to 29 Recordings of Speakers and Experts Offering:

  • Expanding consciousness/awareness techniques
  • Strategies to build intersectional bridges between communities
  • Healing methods
  • Shamanic ceremonies
  • Guidance for shifting old perceptions
  • Support for remembering our true place in Nature
  • Indigenous wisdom and storytelling
  • … as well as offering inspiration to ignite people to join with others for a true global awakening and healing.
($97 Value)

Spirit Passages MP3 Audio Collection

Includes immediate access to:
  • Shamanic Journey Drumming mp3 Album
  • Becoming the New Human mp3 Album
  • Norse Shamanic Journey mp3 Album
  • Ancient Memories mp3 Album
  • Shaman Stories mp3 Album
  • Norse Oracle mp3 Album
($120 Value)

Bonuses Totaling 
OVER $767 in VALUE!

Register Now

The 12 Month Program begins Thursday, February 29th, 2024.

Live Sessions are at 11:00 am  Pacific /  2:00 pm Eastern 
on 2nd and 4th Thursdays after February 29th
(subject to change for holidays or rare unforseen circumstances)

Can’t make it live? No worries!

Recordings of all sessions will be available for play at your convenience.

Here's a summary of what our 12-month mentorship program includes:

  • 6 Private Mentor Coach and Support Zoom Calls with Evelyn and Allie up to 60 min. each! ($1500 Value)
  • 12 LIVE, Experiential Learning Calls with Evelyn & Allie on the Earth Based Curriculum ($600 Value)
  • 12 Interactive Group Mentoring  Q&A Zoom Meetings ($600 Value)
  • Special Themed Journeys (Direction for you to do them on your own)
  • Guided Exercises and Experiences
  • Earth-Keeper Project to Reality Monthly Tracking and Check In Tool
  • Private Online Social Sharing & Discussion Community (Group)
  • Monthly Deepening Practices for each program session
  • Downloadable Program Materials
  • Audio + Video Recordings of All Sessions
  • Private Course Website
  • ALL the Special Bonus Content and much more!

Plus the Core Bonus Package

Core Bonuses:

  • The complete Becoming the Remedy course (Learn at your own pace) ($200 Value)
  • The complete Shape Shifting Youre Reality course  (Learn at your own pace) ($200 Value)
  • The complete Befriending the Spirits course (Learn at your own pace) ($150 Value) 
  • All the Recordings from our 2022 New Humans*New Earth Summit ($97 Value)
  • Spirit Passages’ Audio mp3 Album Collection ($120 Value):
    • Shamanic Journey Drumming mp3 Album
    • Becoming the New Human mp3 Album
    • Norse Shamanic Journey mp3 Album 
    • Ancient Memories mp3 Album
    • Shaman Stories mp3 Album
    • Norse Oracle mp3 Album

Total Value $3,467

(Shamanic Earth-Keepers Mentorship Program $2,700 + Bonuses $767)

Including the cost of travel, prior mentees have invested $10,000
or more in mentorship with us.

Now online with NO TRAVEL REQUIRED!



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6 Monthly Payments 
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$366 / month
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Only 22 Mentee Participants Wil Be Admitted.
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No Risk Guarantee

Absolutely NO RISK Guarantee: We absolutely know that you'll be pleased with the life transformation and progress on your Earth-Keeper Project you make through the Earth-Keeper Mentorship Program that we guarantee it! Simply follow the 4 key steps to success, make any payment plan payments on time (if on one) and if you're not completely satisfied after the 12 month program, we'll refund 100% of your tuition

*For Full Terms of the Guarantee, Click Here 


  • Book A 30 Free Minute  Assessment Zoom Call with Evelyn  - Click Here
  • For FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Terms of Service, see further below.
  • Email us at [email protected]

Mentees Doing More Exciting Things

Raising More Pollinators for a Healthier Ecosystem

Sara is captivated by Monarch butterflies and is dedicated to help them survive. The overall survival rate of Monarchs is estimated to be 5% in the wild. Pesticides, the clearing of meadows and decimation of open spaces threaten their numbers. To do her part to increase their population, she looks for their eggs, tends them indoors as caterpillars nourishing them on fresh milkweed.

“Once they emerge as butterflies, I have turned our backyard into a small oasis for these magnificent insects and actively encourage my neighbors and anyone who asks, to do the same, for the Monarchs, for the pollinators and for all of us.”

Sara Alfaro Franco

Townspeople Supported To Protect Local Lands and Native Species

Martha wanted to do her project on land protection since her town was already active in protecting tracts of land. She thought creating a local field guide to support people to understand how they could protect their land and the native species on it would be an extension of the town’s efforts.

“I met with the Town Director of Conservation and explained my project. He liked the idea and gave me permission to do it. I wrote the text, took photos, or used photos already available; had the Director of Conservation approve it; and then put the information on the town conservation website as a guide. Later, the town created signage to help people match the photos to the living species."

Martha Jorz

Meet Your Mentors:

Once described as “ ...part storyteller, part minister, part scientist and part fairy godmother," Evelyn C. Rysdyk is a shamanic teacher and the author of several noted books on shamanism including, The Norse Shaman, Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, The Nepalese Shamanic Path (with Bhola Banstola) and Shamanic Creativity.

She is also a featured instructor for The Shift Network, Sounds True and her own online courses. She is the founder of the Spirit Passages Academy and the New Humans*New Earth Summit.

Allie Knowlton is a shamanic teacher, healer and psychotherapist who has supported the heart and soul of people for since her first day at seminary when she was just 17-years old! Since that time, as a pastoral counselor, licensed clinical social worker and shamanic teacher/healer… she has worked with thousands of people to heal and support them to fulfill their full potential. She is also the author of Exploring our Multidimensional Selves: A Shamanic Perspective.

Along with their writings, Evelyn and Allie are impassioned shamanic teachers who together have over sixty years of experience working with people who are eager to grow and experience their true power.

Whether through face-to-face contact with individual clients, workshop groups, and online participants, or through the printed word, their passion is to open people’s hearts, expand their awareness and inspire them to live more joyful, fulfilling, and purposeful lives. 

They acknowledge that as people awaken their full selves, they are much more likely and able to make their unique contributions toward transforming our world.


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