8 Benefits of Developing Your Own Shamanic Journeying Practice + Special Gift!

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2024

For tens of thousands of years, our collective ancestors found methods to expand awareness for the purpose of finding information and guidance that would have been unavailable in ordinary reality or by using our ordinary senses. It was a problem-solving method that helped our hunter-gatherer ancestors to thrive.

The shaman’s altered state of consciousness—or trance--may be induced through several time-honored methods. These include using repetitive sensory stimuli such as intensive prolonged rhythmic dancing, rattling, chanting, flickering firelight, or drumming.

We are all wired for altered consciousness experiences and I'll share more about brain wave states and the science further below but first The 8 Principal Benefits of Developing Your Own Shamanic Journeying Practice and a special gift!

8 Benefits of Developing Your Own Shamanic Journeying Practice
(to enhance what was once referred to as the “right brain”)

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Your Earth Based Spirituality - Tuning Into Your Life-Force, Joy and Vitality!

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2024

In a moment, I’ll share a tip for supporting your Earth-Based Spirituality and tuning into your life-force energy, joy and vitality. Yet first, a few related musings…

Here in Northern New England, the June solstice is the time when sunlight is abundant, and we spend our long-lit hours enjoying the rest of the natural world, deepening our connection to our Earth-Based spirituality.

Having been raised by a father who loved the outdoors, I was fortunate to have learned some of the lessons that he learned from the indigenous guide who taught him the ways of wildlife, woods and waters.



I learned to walk in such a way that the animals paid little mind to my observations. “Little toe, Big toe, Heel,” he told me, “… and never in a straight line.” As a child I asked him why and he said, “Straight lines are how people move.

The animals know the difference and will stay away.”

Along with that, he taught me to stop after three or...

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